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26th May 17
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Every week the children in Year 5 are being taught to play musical instruments as part of Lancashire's Wider Opportunities Initiative. The children have already performed once to the school and parents and have been making fantastic progress with their music.

We do Wider Opportunities on Wednesdays in the hall. There are six different types of instruments : flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, euphonium and trombone. Everybody is enjoying playing their instrument and like the opportunity to take their instrument home. I play a flute and in my group Kayleigh and Courtney play the flute with me.

Our teachers are called Mr Whittaker and Mrs Shipway and they don`t just teach us how to play an instrument, they also teach us how to sing some songs( the boys weren't very happy about the singing bit). We also have these drawing competitions, and we win chocolate sometimes. I won once.

By Rosa


I like Wider Opportunities because we get to keep instruments of a year.
I play the clarinet.
by Chloe

Wider opportunities is great for young learners to express their talents in music.
Music is great and also very good fun! It is great to learn music when you're young. You can choose an instrument and stay with it. Music is a fun way to learn, everyone loves hearing great music and that's what we learn here at Wider Opportunities. People like singing and we do that also.

by Liam and Michael

Wider opportunities is really fun and gives children a chance to learn a instrument
in school for free. We learn very silly songs like 'Granny in a band' and 'Calypso'.
The choice of instruments are: clarinet,saxophone,flute,trombone,euphonium and
trumpet. I play the trumpet and Chantelle plays the clarinet. Our teachers, Mrs.Shipway
and Mr.Whittaker, are great teachers.

by Lois

Wider opportunities is a great experience and it gives the rest of us a chance to learn a great instrument.

What I like about wider opportunities is that we don't just learn how to play are instrument we also learn how to sing fun songs e.g

'Oh me granny go's out gigging in her band'
'Honk honk round and round and round crash beep beep'
and last but not least an African song.

I play the saxophone and Kayleigh plays the flute.

We enjoy wider opportunities and would like to thank our music teachers a great deal!

By Chantal and Kayleigh